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Designing a board game

CollaborationshipPosted by Christian Monö Sun, March 09, 2014 18:48:30


Here’s a short update on things.

This week I’ve started working with a colleague who designs board games. Our objective is to design a game that allows the players to practice and test both hierarchy and collaborationship in various forms. We’ve just started but the basic idea has been defined and we’re now beginning to design the first crude version. I love this kind of creative work. I also believe that games can be a good way of complementing theory, which makes this project particularly interesting. I will keep you updated on the progress.

The giveaway on Goodreads has now ended and there are ten lucky winners. I’ve been in touch with most of them and have sent them the book. I look forward to their feedback.

I’m still struggling with getting the e-book version in place. I’ve completed most of the formatting but still need to get the book readable on Kindle I-pad. I truly hope to be done by next week.

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