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Download e-book for free

CollaborationshipPosted by Christian Monö Sat, March 15, 2014 10:37:17

So it’s finally out – the Kindle version of “Beyond the Leadership Myth, why we follow leaders and lead followers”. The book will be available for FREE DOWNLOAD between Saturday 15 March and Tuesday 18 March at:

If you don’t have Kindle on your computer, i-pad or phone, you can get the reading app here:

Naturally it feels wonderful to have the book out in e-format. Now I can focus on all the other projects that are ongoing. Of course, I’m a little nervous about the response I’ll get – both in terms of the number of people downloading the book but also in terms of reviews.

Like any author, I hope to get some reviews. Reviews will not only help me judge people’s reaction to the book but it will also help potential readers evaluate the contents of the book. Having said that, I obviously hope the reviews are positivesmiley

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