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Offer on e-book (6th -8th Dec)

CollaborationshipPosted by Christian Monö Sat, December 06, 2014 18:39:44

It's Christmans time and From now till December 8th - ridiculously low price for the e-book version of

We’re getting closer to Christmas, my favourite holiday! As always, I’ve kept myself busy. I’m working on my new book and find myself spending every minute I can writing on it. The down side is that I’ve now entered the phase when I find it more or less impossible to enjoy a good book or a movie. Any time not spent working or being with my family, I spend writing. I don’t blame people for finding me boring :)

Marcus, a good friend and colleague of mine, is also working like mad. He’s finalizing the first version of our collaborationship game. I will keep you updated on its progress but let me just tell you, if we can get all the pieces together, this game will offer the participants an opportunity to not only test their collaborative skills, but also to test whether or not a decision maker has a positive or negative effect on collaboration. In other words – I’m excited.

From now till December 8th there is a ridiculously low price on the e-book version of Beyond the Leadership Myth!

I’ve also started working on some minor updates on this book, mainly to clarify a few points I make. I promise I’ll let you know when it’s done.

For now, take care!

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